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The Arboris Duo plays "Piazzolla's Pubquiz!".

The year 2021: a year in which we can slowly start listening to live music again and slowly get together for a drink. That's good, because we have something to celebrate: the 100th birthday of the world-famous composer Astor Piazzolla, the king of the tango. This dance originally belonged to the people of Argentina, but Piazzolla took it to concert halls worldwide through masterful compositions.

In the unique combination of violin and percussion, the Arboris Duo will be on the road in Rotterdam, bringing the music of this special composer back from the concert hall to the people. And this will not happen with normal 'classical' concerts, not in front of the audience, but together with the audience. In a series of interactive concerts, we take the listener to the world of tango, milonga, jazz and classical music. Each concert is also a pub quiz with all sorts of questions about Piazzolla and everything to do with him and his music.

Both newcomers and seasoned concert-goers will be presented with an original musical programme and will at the same time be invited to learn about the background to a composition, to listen to a familiar tune in a different way and to discover something new. The winners of the quiz will take home a special bottle of Arboris Duo special beer (brewed in Rotterdam by Vet & Lazy Rotterdam).

The concerts take place in front of an audience of 30 people. The seats are, of course, placed at a sufficient distance from each other, but this does not detract from the feeling of intimacy and cosiness: with a drink and good mood lighting, the tone is set.

The concerts take place in venues all over Rotterdam: South, Centre, West... We take in all of Rotterdam and reach people from all different cultural backgrounds and walks of life.

The next Pubquiz will take place in Vessel11 in Rotterdam on 14 November 2021! The quiz will start at 20h. Tickets: HERE.